Insurance & Payment


A patient’s insurance card and a photo ID must be presented at each visit and co-payments are due at the time of service. We will file claims with the insurance carrier as a service to the patient. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide AIM with their current insurance card and notify us of any insurance changes. Deductibles or uncovered charges will be the patient’s responsibility and may be requested at the time of service. Patients with questions regarding their insurance coverage should contact their insurance carrier directly.


We accept fee assignment of Medicare claims; claims will be submitted directly to Medicare by our office. The portion of the fee not paid by Medicare will either be billed to the patient or filed to a secondary insurance.

Credit Policy

Efforts are made for collection of insurance deductibles, co-payments and any other charges not covered by a patient’s insurance plan at the time of service. All accounts not collected at the time of service are due within 30 days from the date of service, unless prior arrangements have been made. New patients to the office who live out-of-area, that are uninsured or carry a non-contracted insurance, will be asked to pay for their services at the time of their appointment. AIM reserves the right to request payment at the time of service at the discretion of Business Office personnel. Patients are responsible for payment of their account regardless of insurance coverage. AIM does not accept responsibility for collecting on a disputed claim. Delayed payment by an insurance carrier is not a valid reason for delayed payment on an account.

AIM does accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card. Please contact Patient Account Services at (214) 943-2249 for more information.