4 Zodiac Signs That Need Their Personal Space

By Dr. Radha Bharadwaj

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4 Zodiac Signs That Need Their Personal Space– Taking a walk while listening to a thoughtful podcast, baking a new tasty treat, or simply watching their favorite show is all they need to rejuvenate.

While some signs thrive on constant contact and being surrounded by others, these 5 zodiac signs crave space and alone time to reset and feel like themselves again.

Don’t take offense if you have a loved one who exhibits one of these five signs- they’re just trying to reenergize themselves.


It is known that Pisces have a deep sense of emotionality, intuition, and are definitely empaths who live to help others and love them. Because of this deep passion for caring, they tend to be the best volunteers, caregivers, and advocates in social settings. The same passion, however, also leads a Pisces to burnout quickly and set them up for some much-needed alone time.

4 Zodiac Signs That Need Their Personal Space

Pisces need time to replenish their heartspace. Perhaps some self-indulgent sulking is in order. They need some time for reflection, restoration, and maybe a little bit of self-indulgence.

When you’re tightly entangled with a Pisces, know that you’re loved, cared for, and in good hands. But also know that when they need some space to recover, it is not because of you.


In order for Tauruses to remain grounded, stable, and peaceful, they highly value alone time, which allows them to reflect, grow, and heal more than other signs.

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In fact, some alone time gardening, cooking, or watching a movie makes Taurus individuals feel even more alive. They know themselves well and have no problem doing what they love without anyone to help them. In addition to spending time with loved ones, they need to spend time with themselves so that they can give the right amount of energy to those who matter to them.

Tauruses often need some personal space before integrating into the larger social scene, so don’t be upset if they veer off the group.


A true homebody, Cancers love to be in their own space surrounded by the people and belongings that bring them comfort. Although they are one of the most dependable signs because of their bright personality and nurturing spirit, it also makes them need some space to rejuvenate. As a result of their sentimental nature, they make attractive partners and natural caregivers, but they are also prone to occasional moodiness and intense overthinking.

Cancers prefer some personal space so that they can escape their heads and refresh their radiant light, so don’t be offended if they ask for some personal space.


Individuals born under Sagittarius are rulers of independence, meaning they know how to be alone and are comfortable doing so. While Sagittarius folks are outgoing and extroverted, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones and exploring new hobbies, places, and people.

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As a result of their constant desire to experience new things and change, they often end up riding alone. They often want a break from the herd, where they can be completely offended by the people they know and free from the status quo.

You’re in for a fiery, daring adventure for life if you’re near a Sagittarius. Just give them some space as they lead the way.

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