4 Zodiacs Who Will Build Their Own Happiness On July 17

By Dr. Radha Bharadwaj

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A person’s happiness can sometimes be improvised, Aquarius. You look around your life the way a person looks at a pantry, see what’s there, what’s readily available, and begin to change the way they look at things. As you start to gather the various odds and ends, you figure out how to put them together in a cohesive way to make something delicious.

Similarly, you can explore your friendships, your career, your relationships, your family, your neighborhood, your community, your hobbies, your mistakes, and your achievements to figure out what it means to live a cohesive life.

Sometimes happiness comes from what we already have and appreciate, not from these aspirational signifiers of success. Happiness isn’t a perfect beach body or a million Instagram followers. With the perfect combination of music playing in the background and your favorite people by your side, it’s a cold drink on a hot summer day. With no recipe, we will most likely make comfort food. It feels just as reassuring to build happiness from the things already in our lives. 


Leo, learning not to suppress your every whim and desire is the key to building your own happiness. It’s saying yes to your inner child and not feeling like you have to parent yourself constantly.

Not shutting down your own ideas or denying every craving. It’s going past a McDonald’s and saying, “Yes, you can get a hot fudge sundae in the drive thru.” It’s buying that Instagram-marketing product. Take a longer lunch break, read a book after work, order a pizza, and soak in bubbles.

It’s the part of your mind that knows deep down you can adopt more of the mindset and habits you adopt on vacation into your everyday life because it believes you deserve pleasure and reward.

You will become more confident in your ability to exert control and moderation the more comfortable you become with allowing yourself to be happy.

A little frivolity does not negate your hard work and discipline. You can go shopping without spending your entire savings. You can go out on the weekends and still get your laundry done.


You build your own happiness this month by finally stopping trying to get around the elephant in the room. Sometimes we know what we need to be happy, Aries, but we try to be happy with everything but what we know we need to be happy.

If you were starving and you tried to live a happy life without your significant other, it would be like starving and trying to be perfectly satisfied without food. If you know deep down that you have an unfulfilled need, you will never be truly satisfied.

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So do the thing. Take the leap and start living your life in the way you know it is meant to be lived, by asking the question. Tell the person.

Pick up the phone. Do the research. Sign the check. Any less will be inauthentic and merely a shell of what you really are. Although it may be hard, may require you to grow, find the courage you don’t know you have, and fight like hell to hold your ground, no matter how small, that ground will be yours. That’s all we can ask for. 


Since you’re tired of waiting for other people to make things better for you, Gemini, you’ll build your own happiness. You’ve been a well-behaved child, a flexible employee, a reliable friend, and so on.

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Every relationship you have had has seen you go above and beyond to meet the needs of those around you, but you aren’t seeing the rewards you expect. It’s time to stop looking for validation from others and take control of your emotions, since your efforts can go unrecognized, unthanked, and unappreciated.

When happiness is built by you, using your own expectations and criteria, no one can let you down, no one can ignore what you bring to the table. You appreciate yourself. You evaluate yourself.

You have the best understanding of your own conscience and heart. It may seem silly at first to pat your own back at the end of a hard day’s work, but you deserve it nonetheless. Your happiness is built embodying the words of Destiny’s Child: “I depend on me”.

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