5 Zodiacs Who Want Their Ex Back

By Dr. Radha Bharadwaj

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5 Zodiacs Who Want Their Ex Back– It is not something everyone is willing to admit that they want someone back. People don’t really tell their friends about ending relationships because they don’t want to appear vulnerable or like they made a mistake. The zodiacs are secretly missing their ex-partners and trying to manifest them back because they can’t stop thinking about them but are afraid to speak up. 


At first, aries might seem cold and detached and even date other people to make it seem like they’re over their ex, but when they rest their heads on the pillow, their ex is who they truly miss. It is difficult for aries to reach out to their ex and surrender to their feelings because they are too prideful and have big egos. They are secretly hoping their ex will come back and chase them a little before they can truly tell them how they really feel. 


Although Geminis are indecisive, they are still hopeful that they can reunite with their ex and start over now that they’re more evolved and a little more confident about what they want. Somehow or another, they’d love to hear from their ex that they’re ready and willing to give their love a second chance. Despite having many friends, Geminis struggle to connect with people on a deeper level like they did with their ex, and they secretly miss their conversations. Also Read- Top 7 Zodiac Signs Who Are Happy Being Single


Virgos are very good at hiding their feelings and they are afraid to tell someone they miss them or they need them back because they have a hard time telling someone how they really feel. They keep thinking maybe I should have said this or maybe I should have done that with their ex-spouses. If they reach out and don’t get the response they want, it would kill them. They want to test the waters first or get a sign from their ex that they are still thinking about them before moving forward. 


Although Aquarius may seem detached and aloof, they secretly have been thinking about their ex and want to tell them that they’ve been thinking about them lately. They often feel like they may have jumped the gun and did not give their ex the love they deserved because they are afraid of getting too close to someone who might hurt them. In their hearts, they want their ex back, and they want to know somehow if they can move on without them.  


In love, Pisces take a long time to move on, so they try to forget their ex by dating other people, but all it does is remind them of their ex even more. However, they cannot find the same passion and connection with anyone else as they did with their ex. The fear of rejection prevents them from reaching out. If their ex breaks the ice, they’ll spill their heart out and tell them everything they’ve suppressed since the breakup. 

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