The Tender Hearts: A Closer Look at the Zodiac’s Most Sensitive Souls

By Dr. Radha Bharadwaj

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A Closer Look at the Zodiac’s Most Sensitive Souls– In order for a relationship to last, certain zodiac signs need to be treated gently by their partners. Here are some zodiac signs who care too much…


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The cancer patient cares so much for his or her loved ones that it breaks their heart to think about hurting anyone. That is why they carefully listen to every word uttered and every tone of voice. They are afraid that they’re going to chase someone they love away, which is the last thing that they want.

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The hearts of cancer patients are soft and sensitive, prone to breaking easily. They need someone who understands how to communicate with them. A partner who comes to them maturely and respectfully rather than raising their voice or acting passive aggressively. Cancers want to hear your honest feelings, but they don’t want it to hurt their feelings if you’re too harsh.


Pisces are empaths. They are impacted by the emotions of the people around them, so they will struggle when they see their partner struggling. They cannot stand to see someone they love in pain.

As a result of their sensitive hearts, they want everyone to be happy. If they don’t know that their people are okay, they will be unable to rest. However, Pisces don’t want their partners to feel like they have to tiptoe around them. Their goal is to be there for their partner. To provide comfort. To be a shoulder to lean on.


A Libra’s sensitive heart makes them uncomfortable in conflict. They hate seeing others upset, especially when they’re the cause of the pain. Libras like to keep the peace, which is why they might bottle up their feelings at times. The reason they are afraid to say the wrong thing is that they care deeply about their partners, so they will also be in pain if they see their partner in pain. They are fixers, though. They won’t sit around and mope. They’ll try to help you however they can, no matter how much their heart hurts.


If Taurus feels like they are losing control of a situation, they become uneasy. They don’t like to be plunged into the unknown or encounter any unexpected problems. Because a change to their routine impacts them so profoundly, they are easily shaken by it.

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A wrong move by their partner can upset them for hours. It will be hard for them to get over any problems in their relationship, even if those problems are small. Because Taurus can hold a grudge, they can be upset for hours. And sometimes, those problems are minor.

As a result, Taurus may take something their partner says out of context and get upset over nothing in particular. This is why they need a partner who is open and honest with them. Someone who is able to express their emotions clearly. Consequently, there will be no big misunderstandings that cause Taurus pain.

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