The Marvel Snap season pass will be available in September 2023

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The Marvel Snap season pass will be available in September 2023: We’ve got the only guide you need to decide between the free and premium versions of Marvel Snap season pass.

To add more heroes to your collection, you’ll want to know about the Marvel Snap season pass. In the Marvel card game, this industry-wide mechanic is perfectly at home, and whether you go premium or not, it’s still worth checking out.

Check out our Marvel Snap tier list, Marvel Snap decks, Marvel Snap gold, and Marvel Snap friends guides for more information about this super-powered card game. We’ve also picked the best visual novel games if you’re looking for something more narrative.

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What is the Marvel Snap season pass?

With the Marvel Snap season pass, you can unlock items such as credits, gold, icons, boosters, and card variants by reaching specific levels. By completing daily challenges, season pass challenges, and playing as much as possible, you can level up. As you earn 1000 points, you gain a level, and depending on your battle pass version, you might even earn a reward.

Marvel Snap free season pass rewards

Check out the levels and rewards for Loki For All Time below if you’re just in it for the free season pass. 

evels and rewards for the current season, Loki For All Time, below.

Marvel Snap free season pass levelReward
Two100 credits
Four100 gold
Five200 credits
Eight15 boosters
Ten100 credits
13200 credits
1615 boosters
17100 credits
19 100 gold
2115 boosters
23200 credits
2415 boosters
27‘Lowkey Loki Lookalike’ title 
28 200 credits
31200 credits
33100 gold
35200 credits
38 25 boosters
41200 credits
43200 credits
45500 credits
47 Mystery variant
48 Loki card back 
51+ Season pass cache 

Marvel Snap premium season pass rewards

You can check off the rewards below as you purchase the Marvel Snap premium battle pass.

Marvel Snap premium season pass levelReward
OneLoki (base card)
Three25 Loki boosters
Six 25 Loki boosters
SevenMystery variant
Nine‘Knockoff Tesseract Dealer’ title 
11100 gold
12Enchantress avatar
14Enchantress boosters
18 Enchantress variant card
20 30 Enchantress boosters
22Mystery variant 
25TVA card back
26200 credits
29100 gold
30 Thor variant avatar
32Thor boosters
34Thor variant card
3630 Thor boosters
37 100 gold
39100 credits
40 Mystery variant
4260 Loki boosters
44‘Stay Bifrosty’ title
46Loki variant avatar
49 500 gold
50 Loki variant card

That’s all you need to know about the Marvel Snap season pass. Check out our Disney Plus download guide if you want to stay up-to-date on some superhero happenings while you play. 

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