This Is Each Zodiac’s Biggest Romantic Fear

By Dr. Radha Bharadwaj

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ARIES: You’re afraid of vulnerability

When you welcome someone into your world, you’re afraid of showing your true self. You come off as tough, and you are, but you’re also a secret softie. You’re often misunderstood as being egotistical, but the truth is that you have insecurities like everyone else. Because you are afraid you will be perceived as weak, you do not want anyone to see these in person. It is okay to be open to the world, Aries, and you should not be ashamed to want the kind of gentle love you crave. 

TAURUS: You fear change

As a sign ruled by Venus, you are drawn to romance and have a sensual side, but you are stubborn as hell. Your comfort zone is the biggest obstacle you face when trying to get close. The idea of letting someone into your life and having to completely change your habits terrifies you, Taurus. It is possible to find security in love, Taurus. Stop treating your heart like a fortress and let down your walls of fear. You can rely on others if you need to. 

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GEMINI: You’re scared you’ll settle

In terms of romance, Geminis keep their options open (and plentiful). The biggest worry for you is constantly wondering if the person you’ve committed to is actually the right person for you. You are afraid of committment because you fear settling with the wrong person. By pushing love away, you are the only one doing any confinement. You are afraid of letting someone in and building a life with them only to always wonder what else is out there. By pushing love away, you are the only one doing any confinement. When love is right, you’ll know it.  

CANCER: You’re afraid of a lack of reciprocity

When you love, you love with all your soul and being as the parental archetype. If history has taught you anything, it is that love is not always reciprocated. You’re afraid to give your heart away only to be met with indifference or heartache. So, you’ve retreated back into your shell to avoid vulnerability at all costs. You shouldn’t let those loved ones in your past hold such power over you, Cancer. Your true love is out there waiting for you-a beautiful person who will love you back equally. 

LEO: You fear having to dull yourself down

You are the ruler of the fifth house of lovers, romance, and self-expression, which means you love everything about love. You are in desperate need of affection and adoration, but sometimes you turn away good potential lovers. It’s hard for you to relinquish power over to anyone again. Leo, you should have more faith in love and in yourself. You’ve been hurt by someone who tried to dull your shine in the past. You would never be taken advantage of by the right partner. 

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VIRGO: You’re afraid of not being good enough

It is common for you to keep people at arm’s length and hide behind your self-constructed protective walls to hide your self-perceived faults and flaws. You are harshly critical of yourself. Because of the possibility of exposure, you don’t want to let someone in. You place such unreasonable expectations on yourself that you’re afraid you won’t meet those of a potential lover. In reality, Virgo, you should be concerned about whether they can meet your expectations. 

LIBRA: You fear codependency

Your greatest fear is losing yourself in love again. As the sign of partnership, you also value balance and harmony, so you often seek those qualities in relationships. As a codependent, you tend to prioritize the emotional needs of others over your own. In the past, you overidealized toxic partners and neglected your emotional well-being in order to maintain a bad relationship. If you do not let your past drive a wedge between you and the person who is meant to be yours, you will attract a better partner. 

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SCORPIO: You fear discovery

Your commitment to honesty and your expectation that others will always be honest with you make you hold a lot of things close to your chest, Scorpio. The heartache and betrayal in your past have raised the walls around your heart. You fear romance because you don’t want to open yourself up to the wrong person. Listen to the fire that burns inside you, Scorp. It doesn’t seem like you can handle someone seeing all of you just to regret it. A home is what you deserve for all the love and passion you carry. 

SAGITTARIUS: You’re afraid of losing your independence and sense of self

In spite of your wild free spirit, you fear romance might steal your independence and your wild spirit. You just haven’t found the right lover yet, Sag. You fear a partner will get in the way of how you live your life. You just haven’t met the right one yet. There is someone out there who will respect your need for a little freedom. You’ll want to take them along with you on this journey. Don’t be afraid to open your heart to this person. You might just find love in someone who shares your insatiable lust for life. Don’t be afraid to explore your options.  

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CAPRICORN: You’re scared of losing control

Your fears of romance stem from your need for control. You’re incredibly focused, responsible, and self-disciplined. You think love is an unpredictable and potentially reckless situation, but you’re just in your head. Stop analyzing, formulating, and creating plans. Open up your heart a little. It doesn’t matter if you have a relationship or a few fails. It’s the path that leads you to the partner you’ve been seeking.

AQUARIUS: You fear losing your individuality

If you are apprehensive about romance, it’s because you fear losing your individuality. Getting in love with someone does not mean giving up who you are as a person. Commitment is about compromise, Aquarius. If you have ever sacrificed unhealthy things for someone you loved, it wasn’t the right person for you. Someone waiting for you out there will understand that you’re both separate individuals with separate lives and separate needs.

PISCES: Being used 

I admire your kindness and gentleness. You’re afraid of feeling betrayed and being taken advantage of again. You don’t think you can open yourself up again to someone just to end up hurt. Instead of pushing romance and love away, try setting better boundaries. Someone out there dreams of a partner like you—a partner who knows that emotional labor is equally important in a relationship. 

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