Cosmic Tears: Unveiling the 3 Saddest Zodiac Signs

By Dr. Radha Bharadwaj

Published on:

1. Scorpio

Scorpios feel everything deeply, and they can easily be overwhelmed by it. This sensitive sign of water is often pulled under by the undertow of sorrow, and they can be quickly overwhelmed by it. Their emotions vacillate between despondence and anger as they struggle against the waves. Nevertheless, Scorpios should remember that they can always learn to surf (and that they are so much stronger than they think).

2. Capricorn

Although Capricorns tend to be emotionally reserved, this doesn’t mean that they don’t feel anything at all. In fact, Capricorns are far more sensitive than they portray. Additionally, Capricorns are quite pessimistic (but claim it is just because they are realistic).

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This can make this earth sign feel a bit down. Capricorns need to learn that constantly expecting the worst doesn’t make them better prepared; it just hurts them.

3. Cancer

The moon governs Cancer, which is deeply emotional and moody. Consequently, Cancer is easily influenced by their emotions, particularly those that are heavier, such as sadness. During the tough times, Cancer isolates in an effort to protect themselves from further damage and distress.

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When the blues wash over them, they almost hold them hostage by their despair. If they would only let their loved ones support them, cancer would be able to overcome the pain more easily.

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