10 Calmest Cat Breeds for Laid-Back People

Maine Coon 

Known for their gentle and calm nature, Maine Coons are one of the most serene cat breeds. Their friendly demeanor makes them perfect companions for a peaceful home. 


Ragdolls are famously relaxed and affectionate cats. Their laid-back attitude and loving temperament make them ideal for a tranquil household. 

British Shorthair 

The British Shorthair cats are easy-going and undemanding, making them excellent partners for a serene and stress-free living space. 

Scottish Fold 

With their sweet and gentle disposition, Scottish Folds are wonderful additions to any calm and harmonious home environment. 

Russian Blue 

Russian Blues are known for their quiet and serene nature, making them perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere at home. 


Persian cats are calm and tranquil creatures that thrive in a serene and quiet environment, making them ideal companions for a peaceful home. 


Birmans are gentle and affectionate cats, contributing to a harmonious and soothing atmosphere within your home. 


Sphynx cats may seem exotic, but their friendly and easy-going nature can add a sense of calm to your home. 


While Siamese cats are talkative, they also possess a serene and loyal side, making them suitable for a calm and loving home environment. 

Exotic Shorthair 

Exotic Shorthairs have a laid-back and gentle demeanor, contributing to a tranquil and comfortable home. 

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