7 Fun Facts About St. Bernards


St. Bernards were originally bred as rescue dogs in the Alps. They were used to find and rescue people who were lost or injured in the mountains.

Barrel-shaped chests

The barrel-shaped chest of St. Bernards is actually a natural adaptation to help them survive in the cold mountains.

Gentle giants

Despite their size, St. Bernards are gentle and loving dogs. They are known for being good with children and other animals.

Webbed feet

The webbed feet of St. Bernards help them swim in the cold mountain rivers and streams.

Brandy barrels

St. Bernards were once used to carry brandy barrels in their saddlebags. The brandy was used to warm up people who were found lost or injured in the mountains.


Barry is the most famous St. Bernard. He is credited with saving over 40 lives in the Alps. He was even awarded a gold medal by the King of Sardinia.

Rescue dog

St. Bernards are still used as rescue dogs today. They are used by search and rescue teams in the Alps and other mountainous regions.

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