7 Reasons Your Dog Smells Bad

Ear infections

If you notice your dog shaking their head or scratching their ears frequently, it's a good idea to have their ears checked by a veterinarian.

Dental problems

Bad breath is a common sign of dental problems in dogs. If your dog's breath smells like something died, it's time to take them to the vet for a dental checkup.

Anal gland infection

Anal glands are small sacs located near the anus that produce a foul-smelling fluid. If your dog's anal glands become infected, it can cause a strong odor.

Skin problems

Certain skin problems, such as yeast infections and hot spots, can cause a bad odor.


If your dog is eating a poor-quality diet, it can cause their skin and coat to become unhealthy and smelly.


If your dog is incontinent, they may be leaking urine or feces, which can cause a bad odor.

Old age

As dogs get older, their sense of smell and ability to groom themselves may decline.

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