7 Tips for Exercising Your Dog in Warm Weather

Start early or late

The best time to exercise your dog in warm weather is early in the morning or late in the evening when it's cooler outside.

Shorter walks

If you usually go for long walks with your dog, shorten the length of your walks in warm weather.

Shady areas

Avoid exercising your dog in direct sunlight. Try to stick to shady areas, such as parks or trails with trees.

Take breaks

Stop and take breaks often to let your dog rest and drink water.

Strenuous activity

Don't push your dog too hard when they're exercising in warm weather. Stick to activities that are low-impact and won't overheat your dog.

Wet your dog down

If your dog starts to overheat, wet them down with a hose or spray bottle.


Bring plenty of water with you on your walks and make sure your dog drinks often.

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