7 Ways to Shake Up Your Dog's Walking Routine


Mix things up by trying a new route each time you go for a walk. This will help your dog explore new places and stay interested in their surroundings.


If you have a backyard, you can add some obstacles to your dog's walking routine. This could include things like a tunnel, a tire jump, or a set of stairs.

New activity

Try adding in some other activities to your dog's routine, such as swimming, playing fetch, or going for hikes. This will help your dog stay fit and mentally stimulated.

New place

If you're looking for a change of scenery, take your dog to a new park or trail. This will give them a chance to explore new smells and sights and get some fresh air.


If you usually walk your dog in the morning, try switching things up and going for a walk in the evening.

Bring a friend

If you have a friend with a dog, try walking your dogs together. This can be a great way for your dogs to socialize and get some exercise.

Training class

Training classes can be a great way to teach your dog new tricks and commands. They can also help you and your dog bond.

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