8 Amazing Facts About English Fox Hounds


The English Foxhound boasts a centuries-old heritage as a dedicated hunting companion. 

Noble Appearance 

With a strikingly noble presence, the English Foxhound showcases refined elegance and sturdy stature. 

Energetic Nature 

This breed's boundless energy makes it an ideal partner for outdoor activities and vigorous exercise. 

Pack Animal 

Known for its exceptional pack behavior, the English Foxhound thrives in social settings and enjoys companionship. 

Incredible Scent Detection 

The breed's remarkable sense of smell and keen tracking abilities make it a premier choice for scent detection work. 

Friendly Disposition 

The English Foxhound's friendly and gentle nature extends its appeal as a loyal family pet and companion. 

Historical Significance 

With roots dating back to medieval England, these hounds were initially bred for royal hunting pursuits. 

Versatile Abilities 

Beyond hunting, this breed showcases versatility in various canine sports and activities, proving its adaptability. 

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