8 Expert Dog Travel Tips 

Prepare Your Pup 

Ensure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations, and pack necessary medications and documents. 

Secure Travel Crate 

Invest in a sturdy and comfortable crate to keep your dog safe during travel 

ID Tags and Microchipping 

Attach an updated ID tag to your dog's collar and consider microchipping for extra security 

Familiarize with Car Rides 

Take short car trips before long journeys to get your dog used to the car 

Hydration and Snacks 

Bring ample water and favorite treats to keep your dog hydrated and happy 

Breaks and Exercise 

Take regular breaks during the trip for bathroom breaks and exercise 

Pet-Friendly Accommodations 

Book pet-friendly hotels or rentals in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments." 

Plan Pet-Friendly Activities 

Research and plan activities that involve your dog in your travel itinerary 

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