8 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Calico Cats


Calico cats are not a specific breed but rather a color pattern found in domestic cats. Their distinct tri-color fur makes them stand out.

Genetic Basis

The calico pattern is linked to the X chromosome. Almost always female, they possess two X chromosomes

Tricolor Magic

The tri-color fur of calico cats can appear in various combinations, including white, black, orange, cream, and brown.

Personality Traits

Calico cats are known for their diverse personalities. They can be affectionate, independent,

Superstitions and Folklore

In many cultures, calico cats are considered lucky and believed to bring good fortune. 

Symbol of States

Calico cats are official state symbols in several U.S. states, including Maryland, where they are designated as the state cat.

Calicos and Tortoiseshells

Some people confuse calico cats with tortoiseshells. While both have tri-color fur, tortoiseshells lack the distinctive white patches present in calicos.

Rare Male Calicos

Due to their genetic makeup, male calico cats are exceptionally rare, making up only about 1 in 3,000 calicos.

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