8 Shocking Folktales About Black Dogs

Shani's Shadow

Indian mythology associates black dogs with Shani, the planet Saturn, symbolizing bad omens.

 The Grim Guardian

In English folklore, the black dog is often depicted as a grim guardian of the underworld, appearing as an omen of death.

Celtic Specter

Celtic mythology tells of a spectral black dog, believed to be a harbinger of doom, haunting lonely roads.

 Hound of Hades

In Greek mythology, the black dog serves Hades, god of the underworld, and is associated with death and afterlife.

Black Shuck's Terror

Black Shuck, a ghostly dog in British folklore, strikes fear into the hearts of those who encounter its fiery red eyes.

Japanese Yōkai

Explore the Japanese yōkai, like the Kuro Shishi, a vengeful black dog spirit that seeks retribution.

Barghest of Yorkshire

The Barghest, a fearsome black dog in Northern England, is believed to roam the moors at night.

Native American Myth

 Some Native American tribes have legends of shape-shifting black dogs that protect sacred grounds.

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