8 Signs of Submissive Behavior in Dogs

Tail Tucking 

Dogs may tuck their tails between their legs, indicating fear or submission. Observe their body language for context. 

Avoiding Eye Contact 

Dogs avoid direct eye contact when feeling submissive, as staring can be perceived as a threat in the canine world. 

Rolling Over 

Dogs may roll onto their backs to expose their belly, a classic submissive gesture seeking protection or trust. 

Subdued Posture 

A submissive dog will appear low and crouched, trying to make themselves smaller to avoid conflict. 

Nervous Lip Licking 

Lip licking is a sign of anxiety and submission, commonly observed in stressful situations. 

Whining or Whimpering 

Submissive dogs may vocalize with whining or whimpering to express their vulnerability or seek reassurance. 

Submissive Urination 

Some dogs may involuntarily urinate when feeling extremely submissive or fearful. 

Offering Paw 

A dog extending a paw is a display of submission and a request for acceptance or approval. 

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