18 Ways to Tell How Smart Your Dog Is 

Observation Skills 

Watch your dog's behavior closely to gauge their intelligence. Pay attention to how they interact with their environment and solve problems 

Quick Learner 

An intelligent dog will pick up new commands and tricks swiftly. Look for their ability to learn and retain new information 

Problem Solving 

Present your dog with puzzles or toys that require problem-solving skills. Observe how they approach the challenge 

Social Intelligence 

Smart dogs exhibit a high level of social intelligence. Observe how well they interact with other dogs and humans. 

Memory Retention 

Test your dog's memory by introducing them to new people or places. A smart dog will remember these experiences 


Intelligent dogs can adjust to changes in their environment or routines. Notice how well your dog handles new situations 


Pay attention to your dog's communication skills. Intelligent dogs may use various vocalizations or body language to express themselves. 

Emotional Understanding 

Observe how your dog responds to your emotions. A smart dog will show empathy and understanding when you're sad or happy 

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