9 Safe Houseplants for Dogs

Boston Fern 

A lush, feathery fern that tops the list of safe plants for dogs. Its vibrant green leaves bring a touch of nature to any space. 

Areca Palm 

The Areca Palm is not only stylish but also safe for dogs. Enjoy its air-purifying properties without any worries for your pets. 

Spider Plant 

With its easy care and air-purifying benefits, the Spider Plant is an excellent choice for pet-friendly households. 

African Violet 

Bring a pop of color with the African Violet, a non-toxic and charming plant perfect for brightening up your home. 

Bamboo Palm 

The Bamboo Palm is a dog-friendly plant that adds a tropical touch to your living space while keeping your pets safe. 

Money Tree 

Not just a symbol of good luck, the Money Tree is also pet-safe, making it an ideal addition to your dog-friendly home. 


The Calathea, with its striking patterns and vibrant colors, is a pet-friendly houseplant that's sure to impress. 

Friendship Plant 

The Friendship Plant is not only safe for dogs but also easy to propagate and share with your friends. 

Ponytail Palm 

Grace your home with the Ponytail Palm, a harmless and visually appealing choice for pet owners. 

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