Abyssinian Cats: 10 Fun Facts


Abyssinian cats are a breed of domestic cat that originated in Ethiopia. They are known for their sleek, ticked coats, almond-shaped eyes, and high energy levels.


Abyssinian cats typically live for 12-15 years.

Coat Colors

Abyssinian cats come in a variety of coat colors, including red, ruddy, blue, fawn, and cinnamon.


Abyssinian cats are relatively low-maintenance cats. They require regular brushing to keep their coats healthy and free of mats. 

Abyssinian Cat Health

    * Hyperthyroidism    * Gingivitis    * Retinal atrophy


Abyssinian cats should be fed a high-quality diet that is specifically designed for cats. They should also have access to fresh water at all times.

 Where to Buy 

 Abyssinian cats can be purchased from breeders or cat rescue organizations.


The price of an Abyssinian cat can vary depending on the breeder. However, they typically cost between $500 and $1,500.


There are many Abyssinian cats available for adoption from cat rescue organizations. This is a great way to find a loving Abyssinian cat in need of a home.


Abyssinian cats are wonderful companions for people of all ages. They are playful, intelligent, and affectionate cats that make great pets.

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