Can Dogs See in the Dark?


Yes, dogs can see in the dark better than humans can. They have special cells in their eyes called rods that help them see in low light conditions.

Eyes Work

Rods are more sensitive to light than cones, which are the cells in our eyes that help us see color. This means that dogs can see more in low light conditions than we can.

Night vision

Dog night vision is about 6-8 times better than human night vision. This means that they can see objects that are about 20 times fainter than what we can see.


Dogs have evolved to see in the dark because they are predators. They need to be able to see their prey in low light conditions in order to hunt them.


While dogs can see in the dark, they are not able to see as well as humans in bright light conditions. This is because they have fewer cones in their eyes.

Other things

Age, breed, and health can all affect dog vision. Older dogs may have difficulty seeing in low light conditions, and some breeds of dogs.

Better at night

You can help your dog see better at night by providing them with a well-lit environment.

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