Common Cat Bathroom Behavior Issues 

Litter Box Aversion 

Cat avoids the litter box. Solution: Ensure a clean and accessible litter box. Try different types of litter and box placement 

Inappropriate Urination 

Cat pees outside the box. Solution: Rule out medical issues and stress. Use enzyme cleaners and consider a larger or covered litter box. 

Cat Spraying 

Cat marks territory with urine. Solution: Spay/neuter, reduce stress, and provide vertical spaces. Consult a vet for possible medical causes. 

Excessive Scratching 

Cat scratches furniture excessively. Solution: Provide scratching posts, cat trees, and use deterrents like double-sided tape 

Constipation Issues 

Cat experiences constipation. Solution: Increase water intake and add fiber to the diet. Consult a vet for potential medical issues 

Hairball Problems 

Cat has hairball issues. Solution: Regular grooming and specialized hairball control food can reduce hairball formation 

Aggressive Behavior 

Cat displays aggression. Solution: Identify triggers and create a stress-free environment. Consider behavior modification techniques 

Overgrooming Concerns 

Cat overgrooms or develops bald patches. Solution: Rule out medical issues and provide enrichment to reduce anxiety 

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