Debunking 8 Common Dog Myths 

Dogs Only See in Black and White 

Myth! Dogs can see colors, though their color vision is not as rich as humans. They see a range of colors, including blue and yellow. 

Dogs Age Seven Years for Each Human Year 

False! The "7 years to one human year" rule is a myth. Dogs age differently depending on size and breed. 

Dogs Eat Grass When Sick 

Not necessarily! Some dogs eat grass out of habit, boredom, or curiosity. It may not always indicate sickness. 

A Warm Nose Means a Sick Dog 

Untrue! A dog's nose temperature varies based on environmental factors and activity levels. It's not a reliable indicator of their health. 

Dogs Understand English Commands 

Partially true! Dogs can learn words and associate them with actions, but it's more about tone, body language, and consistency 

You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks 

False! Dogs can learn throughout their lives. Training an older dog might require more patience, but it's definitely possible. 

Dogs Lick Wounds to Heal 

Not recommended! While a dog's saliva has some antibacterial properties, licking can also introduce germs and slow down the healing process. 

Dogs' Mouths Are Cleaner Than Humans 

Myth! Dogs' mouths have various bacteria, some of which can be harmful. They're not cleaner than humans' mouths 

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