Dog Lovers...Please Keep These Plants Away From Your Dog


Lilies are highly toxic to dogs. Keep them away from your furry companions as ingestion can be life-threatening. 


Tulips contain harmful substances that can cause vomiting, drooling, and gastrointestinal upset in dogs 


Azaleas can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and even cardiovascular problems if ingested by dogs. 


Daffodils contain toxic compounds that can harm your dog's digestive system and cause lethargy. 

Sago Palm 

Sago Palm is highly toxic to dogs, leading to severe liver damage and even death if consumed. 


Oleander contains cardiac glycosides that can cause severe heart problems in dogs if ingested 

Castor Bean Plant 

Castor Bean Plant contains ricin, a highly toxic substance that can cause organ failure in dogs. 


Chrysanthemum can cause skin irritation and gastrointestinal issues in dogs if they come into contact with it. 


Yew contains taxine, a toxic substance that can lead to sudden death in dogs if ingested. 

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