Dog Madness: 8 Telltale Signs Your Pooch is Upset 

Ear Position 

Watch for flattened or pinned-back ears, as they can indicate your dog's unhappiness. 

Tail Behavior 

Observe your dog's tail - a tucked tail might signify distress. 

Whining or Growling 

Pay attention to vocal cues, as whining or growling can be signs of agitation. 

Avoiding Eye Contact" 

When your dog avoids making eye contact, it might be a sign of discomfort. 

Destructive Behavior 

Learn how destructive behavior can be linked to emotional distress. 

Loss of Appetite 

Discover how changes in eating habits can indicate your dog's mood. 

Isolating Themselves 

Understand why some dogs may withdraw and prefer to be alone. 

Excessive Licking or Panting" 

Find out why your dog's excessive licking or panting might indicate stress. 

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