How to Keep Your Dog Active in Winter


Some activities, like running or playing fetch, can be too strenuous in cold weather. Choose activities that are more low-key, like playing in the snow.


It's important to dress your dog appropriately for the weather. This means getting them a winter coat, boots, and a hat.

Warm up

Just like humans, dogs need to warm up before they go out in the cold. Take your dog for a short walk indoors or in a heated garage before you head outside.

Take breaks

If you're going for a long walk or playing in the snow, take breaks every 15-20 minutes. This will give your dog a chance to rest and warm up.

Bring water

It's important to bring water for your dog when you're out in the winter. Even if they're not thirsty, they'll need to stay hydrated.

Don't leave

Never leave your dog outside in the cold for an extended period of time. Even if they're wearing a coat, they can still get cold.


Hypothermia is a serious condition that can happen to dogs in cold weather. If you notice your dog shivering or having trouble walking, get them inside immediately.

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