How to Make Your Dog Bark

Pick a command

The first step is to pick a command you want to use. "Speak" is a common choice, but you can use whatever command you like.


Before you give the command, get your dog's attention. You can do this by clapping your hands, making a noise, or calling their name.

Say the command

Once you have your dog's attention, say the command in a clear and concise voice.

Reward your dog

As soon as your dog barks, give them a treat or praise them.

Repeat steps 2-4

Repeat steps 2-4, gradually increasing the amount of time you wait before giving the command.

Use a marker word

A marker word is a word or phrase that you use to mark the exact moment your dog does something you want them to do.

Start with distractions

Once your dog is consistently barking on command in a quiet environment, start adding distractions.

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