How to make your dog's crate feel like home


The first step is to choose the right size crate for your dog. The crate should be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.


You want your dog to associate their crate with a calm and relaxing environment. Place the crate in a quiet area of your home that's away from traffic and other noise.

Comfortable blanket

A soft blanket will make the crate feel more inviting for your dog. You can also add a few favorite toys to keep your dog entertained.


One way to help your dog associate the crate with positive experiences is to feed them their meals in the crate.

Open at first

When you first start crate training, it's a good idea to leave the door open. This will allow your dog to come and go as they please.

Don't force

If your dog is hesitant to go into the crate, don't force them. This will only make them more anxious about the crate.

Positive experience

The key to crate training is to make it a positive experience for your dog. Every time your dog goes into the crate, give them a treat or praise them.

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