How to Play with Your Cat

Right toys

When choosing toys for your cat, it's important to consider their age, personality, and interests.

Make it fun

Use your voice and body language to engage your cat, and make sure to change up the toys and activities to keep things interesting.

Be patient

Some cats may not be interested in playing right away. If your cat is hesitant, be patient and try different toys and activities.


Cats have short attention spans, so playtime should be short and sweet. Aim for 10-15 minutes of playtime at a time, and take breaks as needed.

Positive note

When playtime is over, be sure to end on a positive note. Give your cat a treat or a pet, and let them know that they're a good kitty.


The more you play with your cat, the more they'll enjoy it. Aim to play with your cat at least once a day, and more if possible.

Have fun!

Playing with your cat should be fun for both of you. So relax, enjoy yourself, and let your cat's inner kitten out to play.

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