Max's Wellness Journey 

Balanced Diet for Max 

Discover the perfect diet for Max – a mix of protein, veggies, and grains. Learn which foods to avoid for his safety. 

Max's Playful Exercises 

Max loves playing fetch and going for runs. Explore fun exercises that keep Max active and his heart pumping. 

Max's Dental Care Routine 

Max's dazzling smile is a result of regular teeth brushing and dental treats. Follow his dental care regimen for a happy mouth. 

Max's Vaccination Schedule 

Max's health is a priority, so he follows a vet-approved vaccination plan. Learn how it keeps him safe and protected. 

Max's Flea and Tick Defense 

Max enjoys itch-free days thanks to his effective flea and tick prevention routine. Discover his secret to staying bug-free. 

Max's Health Alerts 

Max's keen instincts help him detect health issues early. Learn how to spot signs of illness and act promptly. 

Max's Grooming Secrets 

Max's luscious coat is a result of regular baths and grooming sessions. Follow his pampering routine for a happy, shiny pup. 

Ruby’s Path to Canine Wellness