Prevent Dog Obesity: 7 Diet Tricks 

Balanced Meals 

Feed your dog balanced meals with the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 

Portion Control 

Manage portion sizes to avoid overfeeding and maintain a healthy weight for your dog 

"Healthy Treats 

Choose healthy treats low in calories and high in nutrients to reward your dog 

Regular Exercise 

Keep your dog active with regular exercise to burn calories and maintain a fit body." 

Monitor Body Condition 

Regularly assess your dog's body condition to adjust the diet and exercise as needed 

Avoid Table Scraps 

Avoid giving table scraps to your dog as they may contribute to weight gain. 

Consult a Vet 

Consult a veterinarian to create a personalized diet plan for your dog's specific needs. 

Vet Secrets for Your Pet’s Health