Top 7 Pet Travel Tips

Plan ahead

This will give you time to research your destination, make travel arrangements, and get your pet's health and vaccinations in order.


When choosing a mode of transportation for your pet, consider your pet's size, temperament, and needs.


If your pet has never traveled before, it's a good idea to start by taking them on short trips around your neighborhood.

Properly identified

Before you travel, make sure your pet has a collar with their name, address, and phone number on it. You may also want to consider getting your pet microchipped.


When packing for your pet, be sure to bring along their food, water, toys, bedding, and any medications they take. You may also want to bring along a first-aid kit for pets.


When traveling by car, be sure to stop frequently for breaks so your pet can stretch their legs and use the bathroom.


Make sure your pet is comfortable during the trip. This means keeping them cool, fed, and hydrated.

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