Top 7 Things Dogs Can Sense Before They Happen


Dogs have been known to sense earthquakes before they happen. In fact, there have been reports of dogs barking.


Dogs can also sense storms before they happen. They may become restless or anxious, or they may start barking or whining.


Dogs can also sense when their owners are ill. They may become more clingy or affectionate, or they may start whining or barking more than usual.


Dogs can also sense when someone is about to die. They may become more protective of that person, or they may start acting strangely.

Terrorist attacks

Dogs have also been used to detect bombs and other explosives. They can be trained to sniff out the scent of chemicals that are commonly used in explosives.


Dogs can also be trained to sniff out drugs. They can be trained to identify the scent of specific drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, or marijuana.

Human emotions

Dogs can also sense human emotions. They can tell when we are happy, sad, angry, or scared.

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