Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Nutritional deficiency

If your dog is eating a diet that's low in fiber or vitamins, they may be trying to get the nutrients they need from other sources, such as poop.


Sometimes, dogs eat poop to get attention from their owners.


Some dogs eat poop because it's an instinctual behavior. For example, puppies may eat their mother's poop to help clean up the den.

Medical condition

In some cases, dogs eat poop because of a medical condition. For example, dogs with pica may eat anything, including poop.


If your dog is bored, they may be more likely to eat poop as a way to entertain themselves.


Some dogs simply like the taste of poop. This is especially true if the poop is from another dog, as it may contain different flavors and nutrients.


Stress can also lead dogs to eat poop. If your dog is feeling stressed, they may be more likely to engage in destructive or self-destructive behaviors, such as eating poop.

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