Why Do Dogs Love Belly Rubs?


By allowing you to rub their belly, they are showing that they trust you and feel safe with you. Dog showing belly to owner.


Belly rubs mimic this behavior, and can be a way for dogs to receive some much-needed grooming.


Belly rubs can be a very relaxing experience for dogs. The gentle stroking can help to release endorphins, which have mood-boosting.


Some dogs simply enjoy the feeling of being rubbed on their belly. The sensation can be very stimulating, and can even lead to a pleasurable response.

Sign of submission

In some cases, a dog may roll over and expose their belly as a sign of submission. This is especially common in dogs that have been abused.

Medical condition

In rare cases, a dog may roll over and expose their belly if they are experiencing a medical condition, such as pain or discomfort.

Belly rub

Start by petting your dog's chest and sides, and then slowly move your hand down to their belly. If your dog seems to enjoy it, you can give them a few gentle rubs.

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