Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?


Dogs are pack animals, and they see their owners as their leaders. This means that they naturally want to be close to their owners and follow them wherever they go.


Dogs also follow their owners for security. They feel safe and protected when they are close to their owners.


They know that if they stay close to their owners, they will be more likely to get attention, such as petting, treats, or playtime.


If a dog is bored, they may follow their owners around in an attempt to find something to do. This is especially common in dogs.


This is a condition that causes dogs to become anxious or stressed when they are separated from their owners.


If your dog follows you everywhere because they are used to getting attention or because they are bored, you can train them to stop.


If your dog follows you everywhere because they have separation anxiety, you can desensitize them to being separated from you.

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