Why Is My Dog Hiding?


If your dog is hiding, it could be because they are afraid of something. This could be a loud noise, a stranger, or another animal.


If your dog has separation anxiety, they may hide when you leave them alone. They may also hide if they are feeling stressed or anxious about something else.


If your dog is in pain, they may hide as a way to protect themselves. This could be due to an injury, an illness, or even old age.

Feeling sick

If your dog is feeling sick, they may hide as a way to feel safe and secure. They may also hide if they are feeling nauseous or vomiting.


Some dogs are simply more shy or timid than others. These dogs may be more likely to hide in new or unfamiliar situations.

Medical condition

In some cases, hiding can be a sign of a medical condition, such as dementia or cognitive dysfunction.

How to help

Identify the cause of the fear or anxiety. Once you know what is causing your dog's fear or anxiety, you can start to work on desensitizing them to it.

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