Winter Safety Tips for Pets 

Pet Paw Care 

Protect your pet's paws from cold surfaces and harmful chemicals by using pet-friendly paw balms and boots. 

Shorten Walks 

"During extremely cold days, shorten your outdoor walks with your pets to minimize exposure to harsh weather 

Wipe Down 

After outdoor walks, remember to wipe your pet's paws, belly, and fur to remove any ice, snow, or chemicals.  

Watch for Antifreeze 

Antifreeze is toxic to pets. Keep it out of reach and promptly clean any spills to avoid accidental ingestion 

Indoor Playtime 

Engage your pets with indoor games and interactive toys during cold days to keep them active and entertained.  

Heating Hazards 

Be cautious with space heaters and open flames. Pets may get too close and risk burns or knock them over 

Bedding and Shelter 

"Provide insulated bedding and shelter for outdoor pets. Ensure they have a warm place to rest during winter nights.  

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